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5 things to avoid on social media during a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Divorce |

All is fair in love – and war. During a divorce, your spouse may use anything against you to gain a higher share of assets or gain custody of your kids. Social media has become common evidence for spouses to use against each other to prove inappropriate habits and behaviors.

We all use social media regularly to voice our opinions, our frustrations, and share our personal lives with friends and family. However, as you enter a divorce, you should keep in mind the five following details that you should avoid sharing online.

#1 – Your spouse

Regardless of how you feel about your spouse, do not use social media to talk badly about them. Keep your frustration with your spouse off Facebook and Twitter; instead, vent to a trusted friend or relative. Badmouthing your spouse online can put you in a negative light to a judge during the divorce.

#2 – New purchases or travel

Buying extravagant items such as a new car or prized collectibles be seen as bad spending habits. Your spouse can use this against you when the courts are determining property division and try to prove you are wasting financial assets. Likewise, expensive trips for vacations can also be negatively misconstrued.

#3 – Alcohol

Unfortunately, some spouses may use photos of the other engaging in drinking to claim substance abuse. Substance abuse can cost spouses access to custody or visitation of your kids. It’s essential that you refrain from sharing photos or posts where you are drinking, at a bar, or partying.

#4 – Legal information

Your divorce is a private matter. You should refrain from sharing any part of your divorce with your online community. Keep details of the divorce to yourself, no matter how frustrated you are with the process.

#5 – A new partner

If you are in a new relationship during the divorce process, it’s best to keep it as private as possible. Posting about a new partner can be twisted to question your fidelity to your spouse. Posting photos of your new partner alone with your kids can also be a reason to question your role in custody agreements.

Protect yourself online

Divorce can be a challenging time in your life. No matter how upsetting the process becomes or how angry you are at your spouse, you should refrain from letting your emotions get the best of you. Don’t share more than you need to online during your divorce, and you can hopefully avoid your spouse using your own words against you.